How to spot a god quality vanilla bean?

We put our focus and energy on producing a high-quality vanilla bean, but how to recognize it? If we want to ensure we are producing the best quality product, we just need to use our senses: Recognize the aroma: we need to recognize instantly the vanilla scent and the different aromatic profiles (floral & woody). […]

Vanilla beans uses

Vanilla beans are the star ingredient that can enhance the flavor of many dishes. Vanilla beans have many uses. Not only the beans add tremendous flavour to baked goods, but they can also be used in savory dishes or drinks. This sweet natural vanilla touch cannot be replicated with artificial ingredients. Vanilla is a widely used […]

Plant a tree

It is key for Experience Vanilla to respect the natural cycles, involve the local community and protect the environment. The Plant a Tree initiative is part of our Corporate Social responsibility proramme (CSR) in Indonesia. For every kilo of Vanilla bean, you purchase with us, you directly plant a tree in the region of Muna, […]

Experience Vanilla in Japan

We had the pleasure to be part of the Tokyo Food Expo organized a few months ago. This was a fantastic event and a great an opportunity to promote our Gourmet Vanilla Beans to Japanese organizations and customers. We met many Vanilla passionate: Chefs, Ice cream & Gelato makers, Delicatessen/Retail Industry, distributors. We shared our […]

Our Gourmet vanilla grade

Gourmet Vanilla Beans are the gold standard in the culinary world. These beans are the ultimate choice to create gastronomic delights. They provide to your dish a rich flavour and high profil  e, almost instantaneously. All vanilla lovers can enhance their cooking preparations thanks to a sweet vanilla flavour and high aroma. Our beans can […]

Happy new year 2023

Experience Vanilla wishes all its partners & end users a happy new year 2023! We produce and distribute high quality Vanilla beans from Indonesia to the world. We are experts in the cultivation and preparation of Vanilla. Our Gourmet vanilla beans will provide you with a unique flavour to enhance your cooking and baking applications. […]

Ethical & Sustainable initiative

Ethical & Sustainable initiative “Experience Vanilla” cultivates its own vanilla plantations, developing 2 different areas for more than 3 years. We produce and distribute high quality Vanilla beans from Indonesia. Our vision is to revitalize Indonesian Vanilla applying best methods and practices. That is the reason why provide a sustainable, ethical and natural Vanilla. “Experience […]

Maison des Crepes: a sweet & creamy vanilla flavor

Maison des crepes, located in Como Park, brings the French authentic crepe & waffle taste to Jakarta. The original recipe from Bretagne (France) must remain authentic. That is the reason why the French crepe maker use the best local ingredients and flavors, combined with some secret recipe. To add the final touch on their traditional […]

August Vanilla Ice creams and pastries

Experience Vanilla is excited to collaborate with the premium and elegant dinning establishment “August”, located in the Sudirman area, Jakarta. You can find there a combination of Western and Asian fusions, combined with a singular technique. You can enjoy this excellent food a la carte, or through the testing menu. August provides a unique experience […]