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Maison des Crepes: a sweet & creamy vanilla flavor

Maison des crepes, located in Como Park, brings the French authentic crepe & waffle taste to Jakarta. The original recipe from Bretagne (France) must remain authentic. That is the reason why the French crepe maker use the best local ingredients and flavors, combined with some secret recipe. To add the final touch on their traditional crepes, Maison des Crepes need some Gourmet Vanilla beans to enhance their dough. They use the well known black vanilla caviar in order to provide a unique vanilla flavor and a pleasant visual.

“We are glad to collaborate with Experience Vanilla. We have been using their Gourmet Vanilla beans for all of our Crepes & Waffles dough preparations. Their Gourmet Vanilla beans provide with a generous amount of caviar and a sweet vanilla taste to our dough. We just slice the bean carefully, incorporate the black caviar in our dough and let it rest for a few hours: voila! The vanilla aroma and flavor can be strongly felt in our crepes. It mixes very well with some stronger flavors, such as caramel or chocolate. Experience Vanilla Beans are from a superior quality: easy to fold, dark to black, not split and very oily. We like their texture, visual and smell. In addition, we also appreciate Experience Vanilla efforts to provide a sustainable Vanilla production from Indonesia, ensuring the transparency of their beans. We share the same values and engagement towards our local community. We feel more than happy to contribute encouraging a high-quality Vanilla production from Indonesia that give our crepes a better taste. We are fully satisfied with Experience Vanilla beans.