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Experience Vanilla has the ambition to make Indonesian vanilla known around the world. We aim to establish a sustainable Vanilla production respecting natural cycle and involving local community.


Our Vision is to revitalize Indonesian Vanilla through best practices and become a leader in the Vanilla export market.


Our Missions are to achieve standard certifications, respect natural cycle and empowering local community.



Our plantations are located in the region of Sukabumi, Indonesia. The region has a long history of sustainable Vanilla cultivated by local communities.

The site has ideal growing conditions and will support optimal Vanilla growth rates due to fertile soils, plentiful rainfall throughout the year , sun exposure and optimum temperatures.

Our processing facility is located in Jakarta: from curing, drying and maturation process to packaging.

Our Engagement

Committed to Quality

Our aim is to restore the reputation of Indonesian Vanilla by establishing a sustainable production.

International standards, Sucofindo Lab Test.


No chemicals use, best practices applied.

Sustainable production, direct relation to consumer.

Sending our products worldwide, via DHL.

Experience Vanilla engages with local farmers through concrete projects.

Community Development

  • 7 tons of rice offered to the local community.

  • 4 full time employees.

  • 20 farmers part time contracts.

  • 1 Mosquee renovation.

  • 50 meters of road construction to access plantations.


  • 200 kids (6- 8 y.old) registered to free English online classes.

  • 6 months follow up with teachers and kids.

  • 2 educational workshops about Vanilla cultivation.

Environment Protection

  • 5000 trees planted in the region of Puncak/ Sulawesi.

  • For any purchase, you contribute to Indonesian reforestation by planting a tree.

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Experience Vanilla produces a high quality vanilla bean respecting natural cycle and involving local community.

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