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How to spot a god quality vanilla bean?

We put our focus and energy on producing a high-quality vanilla bean, but how to recognize it?

If we want to ensure we are producing the best quality product, we just need to use our senses:

Recognize the aroma:

we need to recognize instantly the vanilla scent and the different aromatic profiles (floral & woody). We should be able to identify a sweet vanilla perfume, which is the most important criteria for chefs and vanilla lovers.

To obtain the desired aroma, our beans will dry slowly dry and mature into wood boxes for months. They will take time to develop at their pace to deliver their full aromatic potential for your cooking preparations. Some vanilla beans may look good but they do not provide any “vanilla” perfume.

Select a good-looking bean: 

the beans should be is uniform, oily and shiny. We usually select beans when they reach a 35% Moisture Content. If the bean is too dry, it is not flexible and it will break. If the bean is too wet, it is too moist and not yet ready. The bean should be smooth, straight, dark brown to black, without any split or marks (ideal). Chefs usually enjoy a nice looking beans and the apparent vanilla caviar, black seeds in their recipes.

Feel the bean:

the beans need to offer flexibility. You can feel the seeds by rolling it into your fingers. You should be able to knot the bean like a shoelace without the bean breaking. 

Taste the beans:

in a recipe of your choice (ice cream, crème brulee, canelé.). You can use the seeds (Vanilla caviar) or the entire vanilla pods to infuse your preparation. A quality bean should provide a high aromatic and perfume that only natural vanilla beans can provide.

We respect the natural cycles, apply traditional methods, and do not use any chemical in our vanilla preparation. Quality Vanilla pods over quantity!