We had the pleasure to be part of the Tokyo Food Expo organized a few months ago. This was a fantastic event and a great an opportunity to promote our Gourmet Vanilla Beans to Japanese organizations and customers. We met many Vanilla passionate: Chefs, Ice cream & Gelato makers, Delicatessen/Retail Industry, distributors. We shared our passion for Vanilla and our traditional cultivation process.

We took the time to explain how our Vanilla beans production could fit the Japanese standards & conditions:

  • we cultivate our own plantation. We control the entire chain of production from the seedling process to packaging. We guarantee a direct relation to customer.
  • we use natural components: local compost & fertilizer. We do not add any chemicals.
  • we respect traditional methods and natural cycles. Our beans stay 9 months on the tree and slow dry for a period of 3 months.
  • we produce a specific Gourmet Vanilla bean: 16-18 cm dimension / MC: 30% / Strong vanillin % /smooth visual
  • we adapt to any ordered quantity. Our aim is to collaborate with end users that love vanilla beans and care about the customer’s taste.

We started collaborating with a few chefs, restaurants, or patisseries. We received positive feedbacks regarding the quality of our Gourmet Vanilla beans, highlighting an affordable price.