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Plant a tree

It is key for Experience Vanilla to respect the natural cycles, involve the local community and protect the environment. The Plant a Tree initiative is part of our Corporate Social responsibility proramme (CSR) in Indonesia.

For every kilo of Vanilla bean, you purchase with us, you directly plant a tree in the region of Muna, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia. By purchasing our natural vanilla beans, you will support the reforestation in Indonesia.

We will send you a picture of the polybag that will be planted, including the name of your company. We also follow up the growth and development of your tree. This is a concrete initiative to protect our local environment and recreate forests. Each tree will retain CO2 emission during its development. Even at a small scale, we try to take concrete steps and actions. We remain available should you have any questions regarding our sustainable vanilla production or reforestation programme.

Experience Vanilla cultivates and sells natural vanilla beans in the region of Puncak, Sukabumi. We export our gourmet vanilla beans worldwide.

Gender: vanilla planifolia

Length: 16-18 cm / 18-20 cm

Description: dark to black, oily, and flexible

MC: 25-30%

High vanillin content Notes: vanilla, floral and woody