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Our Gourmet vanilla grade

Gourmet Vanilla Beans are the gold standard in the culinary world. These beans are the ultimate choice to create gastronomic delights. They provide to your dish a rich flavour and high profil  e, almost instantaneously. All vanilla lovers can enhance their cooking preparations thanks to a sweet vanilla flavour and high aroma. Our beans can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. They are a perfect choice for ice-cream, custard, cakes, delicate baked pastries, sauces, smoothies, cremes brulees, iced coffees.


Our gourmet Vanilla beans are uniform in size and plumper because of their higher moisture content. They have an oily appearance. They tend to be more flexible, pliable. The beans have visually no imperfections and are more appealing than Grade B Vanilla. They are slightly longer:  16-18 cm or 18 -20 cm categories. They have a brown to dark chocolate colour.


Gourmet / Grade: A
Length: 16-18 cm or 18- 20 cm
Colour: dark brown to black
Appearance: longer, plump, oily and flexible
Moisture level: 30-35%
Flavour: rich in taste & smell; strong. Robust vanilla flavour, sweet & creamy


Our beans are rich in moisture (30-35%). This provides a humid and flexible aspect. Due to its high moisture content, they reach a more delicate flavour. It takes very little time to transfer the aromatic essence to dishes.  The caviar seeds can be used directly in all cooking preparations.


We often test our vanilla beans with certified laboratories. We provide a vanillin content usually superior to 2.5%. Our last test provided a 3.09% Vanillin result. You will need to use “less seeds” to provide a sweet aroma.