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Ethical & Sustainable initiative

Ethical & Sustainable initiative

“Experience Vanilla” cultivates its own vanilla plantations, developing 2 different areas for more than 3 years. We produce and distribute high quality Vanilla beans from Indonesia. Our vision is to revitalize Indonesian Vanilla applying best methods and practices. That is the reason why provide a sustainable, ethical and natural Vanilla.

“Experience Vanilla” promotes its “voluntary sustainable initiative”, by offering a long term and stable supply. We aim to produce our Vanilla in a social, environmental, and economical sustainable way, engaging with local farmers and improving their livelihoods. Sustainability, traceability, environment protection, good governance and labor rights are the pillars of our cultivation process.


1) Social
Educate farmers: organic farming & Vanilla cultivation
Empower farmer: best practices and fair trades
Educate children: online English classes programme (60 kids)
Perform social responsibilities: local projects, religious events, constructions

2) Environment
Do not use any chemicals products
Apply natural compost
Practice responsible harvesting (at 9 month only)
Reforest: 10 0000 trees planted in the region of Puncak & Muna

3) Economic
Provide employment: local workers (18-50 years old, full & part time)
Offer fair wages: labor rights and standards conditions.
Improve road access: efficient access to plantation.
Provide profit sharing to community.