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August Vanilla Ice creams and pastries

Experience Vanilla is excited to collaborate with the premium and elegant dinning establishment “August”, located in the Sudirman area, Jakarta. You can find there a combination of Western and Asian fusions, combined with a singular technique. You can enjoy this excellent food a la carte, or through the testing menu. August provides a unique experience in term of atmosphere and served dishes. They favor local and natural ingredients, to create an innovative range of flavors for all epicureans to enjoy.

The chef owner Hans is well  known for his successful time at Fairmont restaurant. The pastry specialists chiefs Ardika and Yohanes prepare fantastic deserts to complement your meal. August highlights natural taste and original creations such as their Vanilla Ice cream. The chefs are always in search of the best Vanilla to elevate their deserts. That is the reason why we offer the best of or our Gourmet Vanilla beans. This is a taylor made delivery, targeting a natural sweet vanilla taste for their desserts. Our Vanilla beans are black to dark brown, oily and generous. Pods have matured 9 months on the tree and went through a slow drying process after harvest. The result is a high Vanillin percentage (2.5% +) with a 30% moisture content providing each bean freshness and flexibility.

We are happy to engage with August, high end dinning establishment, that will always look for the best ingredient for you to enjoy.

“August” chefs about Experience Vanilla beans:

“Flavor of home. That sweet and rich vanilla flavor that we use to elevate the humble black rice pudding is paired perfectly with the comfort smell of pandan in the jelly that covers this dish.” “A perfect tiny bites that captures the essence of real vanilla aroma and flavor that balance out the sweetness of caramel center coated by white chocolate shell.”