Maison des Crepes: a sweet & creamy vanilla flavor

Maison des crepes, located in Como Park, brings the French authentic crepe & waffle taste to Jakarta. The original recipe from Bretagne (France) must remain authentic. That is the reason why the French crepe maker use the best local ingredients and flavors, combined with some secret recipe. To add the final touch on their traditional […]

August Vanilla Ice creams and pastries

Experience Vanilla is excited to collaborate with the premium and elegant dinning establishment “August”, located in the Sudirman area, Jakarta. You can find there a combination of Western and Asian fusions, combined with a singular technique. You can enjoy this excellent food a la carte, or through the testing menu. August provides a unique experience […]

Paris Sorbet engages with Experience Vanilla

  “Paris Sorbet would like to thank “Experience Vanilla” for the cooperation established so far. We have ordered several times “Experience Vanilla” Bourbon Vanilla beans. We are very satisfied with the quality & aroma of the Vanilla pods. The color is black to dark, the Vanilla sticks are oily…. Starting from proper customer handling, as […]

A sustainable Vanilla

“Ensure a sustainable and ethical Vanilla production is a key parameter nowadays. “Experience Vanilla” cultivates its own plantations, located in the region of Sukabumi, West java,  Indonesia. The region has a long history of sustainable Vanilla cultivated by the local communities. Our site has ideal growing conditions and will support an optimal vanilla growth. “Experience […]

French pastry with indonesian vanilla

Experience Vanilla is proud to announce its collaboration with the Ami bakery, located in Singapore. We join the chef Makoto Arami in his journey, showcasing French pastries crafted with seasonal ingredients and a Japanese sensibility. You can find all kinds of high quality desserts and cakes there. This new collaboration is reflected by the respect […]

Chief Daniel Bisten choose indonesian vanilla

Chief Daniel Bisten also choose Experience Vanilla to enhance his dessert, in his restaurant located in Switzerland.  English “ As the owners of a fourth generation Indonesian restaurant, my Sundanese wife Mila Karmila Bisten and I are always on the lookout for authentic high quality products from Indonesia. We discovered the company Experience Vanilla and used […]