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A sustainable Vanilla

“Ensure a sustainable and ethical Vanilla production is a key parameter nowadays.

“Experience Vanilla” cultivates its own plantations, located in the region of Sukabumi, West java,  Indonesia. The region has a long history of sustainable Vanilla cultivated by the local communities. Our site has ideal growing conditions and will support an optimal vanilla growth.

“Experience Vanilla” aims to establish a sustainable Vanilla bourbon production. We respect natural cycles, implement best methods of cultivation and partner with the local farmers. We have defined our sustainable vanilla initiative and standards procedures.

We started our project about 3 years ago, full of passion and dreaming about a first production.

Our vanilla vines needed 4 years to fully mature and offer their first production last year. We were more than happy to present our first gourmet vanilla beans to restaurants, bakeries, patisseries and all Vanilla lovers!

We keep focusing on our protocol to produce a natural and high quality Vanilla bean. It is mandatory to harvest our Vanilla beans at 9 months, so they can fully mature and develop their aroma. It is the only way to reach a high Vanillin content (2.5% +). For this reason, we fight against early harvest.

We apply a slow natural drying cycle for a period of 3 months +, with regular control. It is a demanding maturation process but the aroma result is worth it !

“Experience Vanilla”  do not use any chemical fertilizers. We care about  providing the best quality Vanilla to end users who care about quality and natural taste. We are happy to engage with customers that aim to offer a natural, strong Vanilla taste, obtained with time, passion and traditional methods.

We educate our farmers about the Vanilla cultivation and environment protection. They have become a pillar of our cultivation process.”